Our range of interconnectivity options offer access to the wider Digital Edge platform, as we seek to build the digital ecosystem of the future.


Cross Connect

Cross Connect provides secure, low latency, and direct connectivity between any two end points within the same Digital Edge data center and is a key benefit of our carrier neutral data centers.  Fiber and copper cross connects can be easily ordered via our Customer Portal and our operations team will provision the cross connects as quickly as possible. We can also handle special customer requests such as bulk fiber run or direct fiber connections when needed.

Digital Edge data centers providing Cross Connect: All


Cross Link™

Cross LinkTM provides high-speed, high-density, low-cost SDN driven metro connectivity service among Digital Edge data centers and other strategic locations within the same metro, creating a seamless digital fabric that ties together ecosystems for our partners and customers. Connectivity options are at the heart of what we do, and we strive to provide the most efficient and cost-effective data center interconnect service to our colocation customers. Moreover, it creates a smooth and economical path for customers who need to expand into multiple Digital Edge data centers in the same metro.

Digital Edge data centers providing Cross LinkTM:  Phase 1 – TYO1, TYO2, TYO3, OSA1, SEL1, JKT1, and selective third party data centers.


Edge Peering Internet Exchange (EPIX)

Internet Exchange enables large ISPs, cloud service providers, digital content publishers, social media operators, and other traffic heavy customers to directly exchange traffic within the peering community, achieving higher network performance, lower cost of delivery, and better routing control. Digital Edge’s EPIX supports bi-lateral, multi-lateral, and a number of other flexible configuration options. Moreover, Digital Edge brings global and local communities together through our innovative Edge Peering Interconnect Conference (EPIC Asia) which facilitates peering, network deployment, and capacity procurement discussions. EPIC Asia is where you can meet the right people, build the right relationships, and understand the local culture, tradition, and business environment.


Digital Edge data centers providing EPIX:

To be launched in Q3 in Jakarta and Seoul.